The Company

ALLEVOCON GmbH is a company based in Salzburg (Austria) focusing on the latest technological development of smart objects – called Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT software platform SPRYCONTROL:PRO is based on this technology. ALLEVOCON’s field of business activity is project and software development in the control technology sector and automatic data processing, building control, facility management and smart metering.

SPRYCONTROL:PRO is a software for control, automation and visualization in the field of digital services and enables operation and management of networked systems and IoT devices.


  • Largely automated control of networked installations and equipment
  • Visualization and change of statuses also on mobile devices
  • Data storage and analysis of control- and consumption-related data
  • Representing the ecological balance and visualizing achieved cost savings
  • Easy usage for end user
  • System configuration requires no special expertise
  • Security of investment through open systems architecture and ongoing extension of supported devices

The Team

Richard Maier
Richard Maier
Co-Founder & CEO
Richard is responsible for ALLEVOCON’s strategy and operations. He has over two decades of experience in executive positions, of whitch he spent than 15 years in the IT business. In his successful management activity he has collected experience in international leading companies as well as in small businesses. Now it’s time for entrepreneurship! Besides this he is an enthusiastic backpacker and coffee junkie.